Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gateway MX6920 laptop

Gateway MX6920 laptop computer have made use of many features to make available certain facilities to laptop notebook users.

Gateway MX6920

There are many features in this Gateway MX6920 laptop notebook that made many users go for this laptop computer. I would be mentioning some of these features in the Gateway MX6920 laptop notebook, then i will also want you to read the comments of those who have used this laptop computer.

Gateway MX6920 laptop

The Gateway MX6920 laptop notebook uses of the best processors. Actually, it was one of the things the made me go for this laptop. It uses an Intel Core Duo processor with a speed of 1.6GHz. Again, you also have the opportunity to use a DDR2 SDRAM of 1GB.

The Gateway MX6920 notebook

All these plus lots more are my driving force for keeping this laptop notebook.
I have also been enjoying the use of my Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. I really love it, and that has given me a comfortable feel of using my laptop.

Gateway MX6920 Intel Centrino Core

Some of the comments that will also make you decide to or not to buy the Gateway MX6920 laptop are shown below, please take a look at them...

Gateway MX6920 laptop pc

- This Gateway MX6920 laptop is good, but messy. It is not very strong compared to certain notebook laptops. I bought it in a good condition, but now it's been 9 months, and my laptop has many scratches all over. You will think i placed it with a cat or a mouse.

Gateway MX6920 bottom side view

But there are some performance of this laptop that i love. I really love its processor, and its hard drive capacity. Previously, i use a laptop of 80GB hard drive, and it was hell for me to keep certain files for a long time.

Gateway MX6920 Speaker, Latch, Audio Ports

- I used this MX6920 laptop notebook, and i have derived a lot of satisfaction from it. It is not too heavy to carry around, it has my perfect screen size, it also has one of my best processor type. Infact, i have used it for 11 months, and there is no complain about.

Gateway MX6920 Power In, VGA

Despite the fact that i have heard many complains about the Gateway MX6920 laptop, mine is still working perfectly, and until it stops working, those people are wrong.

Gateway MX6920 PC Card Slot, Media C Reader, RJ-45, RJ-11

- Take a look at some of its ports connection. This is something i look out for when purchasing a laptop computer for myself.

Gateway MX6920 Optical Drive, S-Video

I also consider its portability, and also its multimedia features. i really love watching movies, and this laptop has a DVD drive system that provides me with that. I also love its integrated wireless internet connection. I used it often times when i am in need of my connection to do certain work.

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