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Mac Apple laptop

Apple laptops have been able to come up with its Macbook computers which have a very fast processor.

Mac Apple black laptop

Mac laptops now use the best processors such as the fastest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, of 2.0GHz, 2.16GHz, and 2.33GHz laptops. They possess this fast processor in order to get job done fast, and this makes business users to go for a rush for the Mac laptop.

Also having a large hard disk drive space of capacities such as 120GB, 160GB, 200GB, and other capacities. Mac laptops have actually become the best in multimedia, security, network connectivity, and an overall peformance. Mac laptops have the best laptop design, with a distinct sleekness, and style. All Apple laptop, including the Mac laptops, have a beautiful design. They have also had a great achievement in portability, durability, and strength. Although, they come in a very expensive prices as from $2,400 and above, but those that know and appreciate the value will purchase.

Mac laptops

Mac laptops come with its software, and operating system. They just seem to be self sufficient. They also have very high display resolution such as 1,680 x 1,050. This is also makes you comfortable whenever you are viewing your screen.

Also talking about ports connection, you will discover that every port connection you need is available.

Lenovo laptops

Levono, the largest PC manufacturer in China bought the IBM in 2004, and since then they have not failed in quality, and technology of laptops produced.
They have also ensured that Levono laptops comes out with effective, and high performing quality.

Lenovo laptops

Levono laptops have been known to be associated with business laptop user over 10 years ago. Lately Levono laptop have been recognized to have an exclusive laptop features meant for security focused businessmen, high-tech laptop users and other advanced laptop use.

black Lenovo laptop

Levono laptop usually come in black colors, and they feature trackingpoint device, and keyboard light which is located at the top the LCD display so you can work in dark environments.

There are also many other features such as Active Protection System, which helps to automatically shut down the system when it is detected to be falling. It also has a fingerprint scanner which is a security feature that many business professionals look out for.

Lenovo laptop 3000

An example of Lenovo laptops is the 3000 C100.
This Levono laptop's design is significantly differet from other Levono laptops, and it is filled with a lot of features that make a businessman feel comfortable.
Most Levono laptops are not very expensive, but there are some that are also.

Laptop video card

A laptop video card is very vital incertain functions of a laptop such as gaming, designing, and other functions. There are various classes of laptop video cards. There are the intergrated class, the low end dedicated class and others.

Integrated laptop video card

The Integrated class - Integrated laptop video card include Intel Extreme Graphics 2, Intel Extreme Graphics, ATI 320M, 340M IGP, S3 or SiS chipsets.

For laptop users who are planning to be involved in gaming activities, these chipset are ideal for them. For those who want to game, then you must at every cost avoid integrated video cards.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900/950:
DirectX Level: DirectX 9
Pipelines: 4 Pipelines
Memory settings: 128-bit bus, and uses dedicated memory with system.

ATI Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP:
DirectX Level: DirectX 8.1
Pipelines: 2 Pipelines
Memory settings: 128-bits, shared with system.

ATI Radeon Xpress 200M:
DirectX Level: DirectX 9
Pipelines: 2 Pipelines
Memory settings: Width varies; 16MB, 32MB, and 128MB

The low end dedicated class - They include the ATI Mobility Radeon, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500, ATI Mobility Radeon 9000, ATI Mobility Radeon 9200, nVidia GeForce 4 Go Series, and nVidia GeForce FX Go 5200. These cards are much better for gaming than the intergrated ones.

Laptop TV tuner

One of the latest advancement in laptop notebook production is the ability to watch TV on your PC or laptop.

Laptop TV tuner
This is made possible by the use of a laptop TV tuner. There are different types of laptop TV tuner, and they are suitable for different purposes.

Below is an example of a laptop TV tuner:

Sabrent Laptop TV Tuner

Sabrent Laptop TV Tuner
The Sabrent laptop TV tuner uses a USB 2.0 TV Box, which is the latest device for receiving TV, and video images on your laptop notebook.

This box is an external box which is designed for receiving TV/video from outside your laptop. This feature makes your laptop a TV at the same time. This laptop TV tuner can also be used to record videos and be save on the hard drive through a USB 2.0/1.1. So when you are watching a video, you can also capture them to the hard drive of your laptop.

Other advantages of the laptop TV tuner includes:
Easy installation, and a user-friendly software, a full screen display, TV schedule recording, differents formats for recording (MPEG 1,2,3), and you don't need an external power supply.

Also with its remote control you can control programmes on the TV. You also have the capacity to capture audio.

This laptop TV tuner has a high resolution of 704 x 480 for video capture, and an adjustable contrast, brightness, hue, or saturation for your video.

Having this laptop TV tuner gives you a TV and a laptop in just one piece.

Laptop table

Using a laptop table gives you a comfortable position when working on your laptop notebook. There are various positions of using using a laptop computer, but the ideal and perfect way to use it is will sitting in a comfortable sit-up position over a laptop table.

laptop table design

There are also many laptop table design, which is beautiful and gives you a complete sitting position, and reducing health hazards such as back pain, waist pain, and pain in the lower abdomen which is cause as a result of bad sitting positions.

Laptop table designs are so beautiful that they fit any kind of home setting. It is a table that is well designed, can be folded to fit into even under the bed, or at the back of the door. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the laptop table space, because actually it doesn't take any space.

Seeing the design of the table, you will appreciate its beauty, firmness, and durability. It can be set up in a few seconds.

Surprisingly, you can also set the laptop table up in a sitting position, a lying position, or even any position that is convenient for you.

laptop table

Using a laptop table should not be for you alone, you also need to tell your friends, and family. It gives you a comfortable position to use the table, and also eliminates health problems.

It really helps if you can take to this advice. Use a laptop table.

Laptop stand

Laptop stand is an equipment that allows you keep your laptop computer on a comfortable position on your laps, or on your table. An example of a laptop stand is iLap, which is designed by Apple. This iLap is designed for your Apple laptop, with an aluminium material, giving you a comfortable position when using your laptop notebook.

laptop stands

Other examples of laptop stands includes:

Safco laptop stand

Safco laptop stand- This laptop stand is suitable for homes, if you don't have a workstation. It is also suitable for board room presentation. This laptop stand is spacious, that it can even take a printer.

Bretford Tech-Guard laptop stand

Bretford Tech-Guard laptop stand- This laptop stand doesn't have space as much as the Safco laptop stand. It has an adjustable height, which provides you a standard surface for working.

Lapmaster laptop stand

Lapmaster laptop stand- This laptop stand has a rotatable feature that makes it useful even for left-handed, and right-handed users. It also has an adjustable height to about 39 inches. Small printers, and accessories can be fitted on this laptop stand for more efficient use.

AKP shorty laptop stand

AKP shorty laptop stand- This laptop stand is very useful for mobile professionals that requires a work space. This can also be a supplement for your laptop desk, if you don't have enough desk space. Some of this laptop stands can also be tilted, or placed in a flat position, depending on your own position of work.

There are so many laptop stands that are available. You can look through their designs, quality, and durability, and that will give you a starting point to choosing the best.

Laptop speaker

Some laptop notebook do not have a powerful and good inbuilt speaker, so it becomes essential to get an extra laptop speaker to help you spice up your sounds. I personally love laptop speakers that has a powerful bass sound, so if an inbuilt laptop speaker does not sound so well, it pisses me off.

Laptop speaker

As a result of that, many laptop speakers have come with different laptop speaker designs, effects, and control systems.

Some examples of laptop speakers and their features includes:

Logitech Amplified Speakers

Logitech Amplified Speakers - This laptop speaker manufactured by Logitech comes with a great sound, and it is suitable for both laptop and desktop computers.
All you need to do is connect to your 3.5mm stereo-out jack, and give a little volume, so you feel the effect. Its features includes a headphone output jack, volume dial control, 3.5mm stereo jack, and AC power. It also has a RMS output of 2.5W/ channel.

The Genius SP I200U - This powerful laptop speaker comes in a 2W, and is a portable usable digital speaker. Its 2W power output gives you an enhanced and powerful bass. This laptop speaker is ideal for home, and office use.

Sony Compact Laptop Speaker

Sony Compact Laptop Speaker - This compact speaker is perfect for home, and office use. It is also perfect for mobile user, because of its portability. It comes in a distinct 3 colors, white, blue, and silver. Others features includes 2W power output, mega bass stereo sound, a 2-way power supply (AC oulet, and battery options), lightweight, and a one-box stereo sound.

All these features are to provide you with a quality and powerful sound.

Laptop sleeve

A laptop sleeve is designed to give your laptop notebook a particular protection in a way that your laptop will be slipped right into this born shape briefcase or luggage. Actually, it is a separate feature which can be put in a bag, and then the laptop is slipped into in. The laptop sleeve is usually designed in the shape of the laptop, so that it fits it properly, without having to bump up and down during movements.

Laptop sleeve

Having a unique shape for your laptop gives another protection different from a backpack, a case, or a bag. It simply fits your laptop computer alone. These laptop sleeve comes in different designs which makes it necessary for users to select their best design. It also comes in about 3 sizes.

It also comes in a proprietary hourglass design, which makes a stretch for a custom fit. This means that it makes a perfect fit for your laptop with its cushion-like inner material.
The laptop sleeve is also made from a wetsuit grade neoprene which is about 5mm. Also bear in mind that the laptop sleeve is used in a flat laying position.

Hey don't forget that it is also washable, in case it gets dirty, or stained. I practically love the laptop sleeve because it has a very sharp grip on your laptop, which is a very protective way of securing it, and it is very ideal, and perfect for traveling, offic use, student use at school, and everywhere you find yourself.

google Laptop sleeve

This laptop sleeve adds another laptop protective option to the ones we already have.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Intel i945 perform excellently

Intel never stop at producing the best chipset to help your laptop notebook perform excellently. Think about your laptop notebook not having an i945 chipset, it really feels bad.
I will be giving you some examples of notebook laptops that use the i945 chipset.

The HP DV1000T laptop notebook is one of those in this group.
If you don't know the capability of this laptop, i am going to tell you now.
This laptop notebook is a very special gaming machine that is being compared to the best gaming machine which is the Dell XPS M1710 notebook computer. The comparison is to know the best gaming machine.
So i think you know the capability of this notebook computer. It has one of the fastest processors, a very good graphics card, many other features, plus the effect of the i945 chipset.
The i945 chipset simply adds value to this notebook computer, and that itselfs have help marketed this laptop. Many people do not wat to know about the laptop name, all they need is the details of what is in the laptop.

Fujitsu's Lifebook N6410 laptop.
This Fujitsu laptop is also being compared with the Dell XPS M1710 laptop for the best gaming laptop. Well, comparison is not the main factor here.
We are only pleased to let you know that in the Fujitsu's Lifebook N6410, there is the i945 chipset, which it the ability to stand and be tested with the best gaming laptop. This i945 chipset is one that has the ability of supporting many high-bandwidth interfaces like the dual-channel DDR2 memory, PCI Express x16 graphics port, 1066/800 MHz system bus, and many others.
All these are simply to make you understand the effect of this i945 chipset in the build of a laptop notebook.

Most notebook computers that have this i945 chipset, have experienced a high rating andlaptop use for consumers. The laptops are not needed to be advertized, but when you see the details, you will have no choice than to go for it.

Intel GMA 950 chipset

Intel have come up with another release of the 950 chipset. This graphics card is one that provide your laptop notebook with a display that is uncomparable.
For gamers, you might want to consider purchasing a laptop notebook that has an Intel GMA 950 graphics card. You will also discover that web designers, and photography designers are looking for laptop notebooks with this graphics card.

With this graphics chipset, you are provided with a pixel rate of 1.6 gigapixels per second, and a memory bandwidth of 10.9GB per second, compared to the 8.5GB per seconds of the Intel GMA 900.
Also, the Intel GMA 950 has a core frequency of 400MHz compared to the 33MHz of the GMA 900.
The new Intel GMA 950 has greatly increased 3D performance.

There was a testing between the Intel GMA 950 and the XFX GeForce 6200TC. We discovered that the XFX card only have a 32MB local memory, with a 64-bit memory for wide interface.
The XFX card is also very cheap for around $60, with a little more or less.
Certain games and benchmarks are used for testing the 3D performance:
- 3DMark05 (standard benchmark, fill rate tests, pixel shader test and vertex shader tests)
- 3DMark 2001SE, just to gauge how the system would perform with older DirectX games.
- Doom 3
- Painkiller
- Half-Life 2
- Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (using Anthony Tan's benchmark scripts)
- Unreal Tournament 2004 Botmatch
- Flight Simulator 2004

There are two resolutions on which games are run, which are the 640x580 low detail, and 1024x768 medium detail. Games including a medium detail setting were regulated from the 1024x768 when necessary.
All the texture modes rendered by engine supports, were what were expected from a latest 3D engine, which includes support for cube map, S3TC texture compression, and different modes for texture blending. You should also be aware that the processor handles vertex shaders, therefore, how fast your CPU works, determines how fast the vextex processing runs.

Gateway MX6650 security

The Gateway MX6650 is a laptop notebook that is best suitable young people mostly students, and home users.
It is not that it is not suitable for everyone, but from my own judgement, many professional users are looking for a laptop notebook that is more sophisticated as regards build, and features including security features.

But by the time i finish tell you the features of the Gateway MX6650 laptop notebook, so many people will convert to liking it also. First i will like to share the disadvantages of the Gateway MX6650 laptop computer, so that if you want to run away, you can, and i will know the number of those that are left with me.

The Gateway MX6650 laptop computer is not a very strong laptop as regards its processor. It uses an Intel Pentium M 750 which is not among the latest laptops we have in our time.
Currently, Intel is the leading man in the processor world, with the likes of the Intel Core Duo, and the Intel Core 2 Duo. These two are very powerful depending on their speeds. A laptop that doesn't have any of these processor is considered not very powerful by me.
Again, you should also be aware that this laptop notebook is not a very strong laptop computer built to last for a long period of time. As far as i know, all Gateways will always develop one problem or the other within a few month of purchase, and this is a very bad reputation for such as wonderful laptop manufacturer.
But what can one? I guess the company should have personnel responsible for taking in complains and trying to find solutions to these complains.
Anyway, that is by the way.

This laptop has many great features which includes its light-weight of about 6 lbs. A lot of people will not consider a laptop computer if it is heavy. Why should it be called laptop when it can't be carried anywhere you want because of weight.
It is not worth the cost, no matter how valuable it is.
If you are someone who loves simple laptops, you will find this ok for you, because it doesn't have excesses. Its simple features includes a 512MB RAM, an 80GB hard disk drive, a simple 15.4-inch TFT active matrix which offers you an outstanding view compared to some laptops.
No matter, what people try to say about a laptop, there are still features that are valuable in them, and they should be appreciated.

Gateway MT3707 desires

The Gateway MT3707 is not a laptop computer that is just built for the purpose of laptop manufacturing. The Gateway MT3707 laptop notebook is specially designed to suit all you desires without leaving any loops.
There have been many comments by those who have used the Gateway MT3707, and i will like you to listen to them yourself.

- Actually, at the time i bought my laptop, it works like magic, and luckily for ,e, it jahsn't stopped working like magic.
The processor of this laptop notebook is not a thing to joke with. It moves like a jet fighter. Althought, the sped may not be like that of laptop computers like Apple and others with such fast processors, but i can boldly tell you that this laptop computer works wonders.

- I also love the memory of this laptop computer. It has a memory that is muc faster than laptop PCs that i have used peviously, and that makes me feel very proud to talk about my Gateway MT3707 notebook.
The bottom line is that i am very pleased with the performance of my laptop, and i do not hope to change it anytime soon. Besides, it would be my recommendation for you anytime...

- Once i fall in love with a system, it is hard for me to overlook it. I love Vista, and the operating system for this laptop luckily for me is Vista.
This is something that shows to me that this laptop notebook was made specially for me.
And again, i love the glossy screen of this laptop. When i asked why it was so, i was told that it was so because it gives an improved color and contrast, particularly if you are into movies watching, or photo editing.
Well, personally, i don't have the time to watch movies, but when it comes to photo stuffs, count me in.
And i decovered that each time i settle down to edit photos, and paint, and stuffs like that, i end up getting a better work done that the regular laptop i previously use.

- The fact about this laptop is that it can also use Windows XP. I don't like Vista in anyway, so i tried to run the XP, and it worked. I thought it was going to be a mess, but i was surprised about it.
Ever since i started using the XP, i discovered i have loved my Gateway laptop differently,and thats makes me happy.

Some of the features of the Gateway 3707 laptop notebook are 120GB hard drive, 1GB DDR2 RAM, and many other outstanding features that will make you soul feel at home.

Gateway 7320GZ companion

A lot of people have usually complained about the Gateway laptops generally, saying that they don't make good laptop build, and some have said they don't have good and strong hardware, as they ger damaged within a short time. Well, personally, i haven't used the Gateway 7320GZ, but i know it is among the latest release of Gateway laptop computers.
Again, i had to make enough enquiries before i can come up to this article forward for testing based on true informations gotten from forums and personal observations.

The Gateway 7320GZ is a great laptop computer in terms of features, performace, and design.
The Gateway 7320GZ laptop notebook has a nice, sleek, and stylish design which can make you sell your present laptop. It also has an outstanding hardware.
Take a look at the processor, it uses an Intel Pentium 4 processor and a speed of 2.8GHz, with a RAM of 512MB, and a hard drive of 80GB. All that proves that it is a good and well designed laptop computer.
Other features that makes me admire it again is its 15-inch WXGA TFT Active Matrix which gives users a nice screen display.
There are also features of integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi wireless networking system keeping connected to the internet anytime and anywhere.
The Gateway 7320GZ laptop computer have also performed greatly as a road companion, with a good performance on many office and computing tasks, which makes it admirable by mobile users.
For Windows XP lovers like i am, will enjoy this as its operating system, giving you many opportunities such as easy navigation through your operating system.
I was also impresses with its security features which includes the Kensington Lock Slot, hard disk drive password, Power-On Password, hard disk drive screws, and memory screws. All these are to make your laptop notebook feel safe. You don't have to keep late night before your laptop notebook can be safe.

But after all these amazing and wonderful features, you discover that the Gateway 7320GZ laptop notebook doesn't stay for more than 6 months before it develops a fault. It is really strange, and i have carefully looked into it.
My discoveries are that its hardware parts are not very good. It also lack build strength, and some of its part are plastic.
They wear-out very fast and they really hurts after purchasing the laptop notebook. Consiider this before buying any laptop in general.

Gateway 4042GZ facts

The Gateway 4042GZ is one of the latest pour out of Gateway laptop computers. They have manufactured several ultra-portable laptops which are very convenient for your easy carriage around.
This Gateway 4042GZ laptop notebook is what is called the ultra-portable. They weigh about 5.5 pounds, with a thickness of 1-inch.

A friend of mine once bought the Gateway 4042GZ before we moved to the college dormitory. He was so proud of this laptop notebook, that he flaunts it even in class.
Well, i don't blame him either, he has a good laptop notebook, so why keep it in the safe.
He was actually impressed by its 15-inch screen size, and its high screen resolution. With this he would play movies for us to watch during lunch time. Also, its internet connections features are not left behind. It includes the built-in WLAN which gives you a good time if you are a web surfer.
The provision of Wireless LAN is simply for laptop users who need an internet access and do not stay in a perticular place to work. They are always on the move.
Actually, my friend will always come to school without doing his assignments. So during lunch time, he would sit in a corner with his Wireless coneection trying to fix his assignments.

Although he was proud about his laptop, but the laptop itself needs to be shown.
The Gateway 4042GZ also have features such as DVD+/-RW drive for DVD experts who love to do crazy stuffs with it.
Also incorporating the 4-in-1 flash memory card reader for transferring data from periperals such as phones, cameras, camcorders, MP3s, and other digital gadgets.

But the most annoying part of it all, is that this laptop computer is not affordable for the average student,worker and homer user.
It is very expensive, which means that only the rich can use it. A good option would have been purchasing a used or refurbished laptop, but the use cannot be guarantee, and besides what is the pride in purchasing such a laptop.
There are other cheap but ultra-portable laptop computers as well, so if you want to purchase one, take a walk through the market and see a world of different laptop notebooks.

Another annoying thing is the fact that the Gateway laptop computers are not built for a long time use. I have had the opportunity to read through Gateway laptops forum, and the truth is, they are nothing to write home about.
They either develop a fault after 6 months, or the malfunction within 3 months.

Toshiba Qosmio F10

The Toshiba Qosmio F10 is an excellent laptop notebook, that doesn't use a very lovely and captivating design. But this Toshiba Qosmio F10 functions very well for whatever use it is bought for.
It is not a very latest laptop notebook, therefore don't expect too much from it.

Some of the things you will hear might make you turn you back on the laptop, but you should hold on till the end, before making some harsh and rational decisions.
I will like to show you a couple of things that will make your heart beat rise...

Take a look at the Toshiba Qosmio F10's screen size of 15.4-inch widescreen display. This widescreen display is very good because this F10 laptop notebook uses a graphics card of nVidia GeForce Go 5700.

Toshiba Qosmio F10 — Excellent Panel and Minimalist Design the nVidia GeForce Go 5700. What an amzing feature. I told you to hang on till the end, and your opinion about this laptop computer will change...
Again, this graphics card of the nVidia GeForce Go5700 makes it possible for this laptop computer to be used for gaming activities. You are provided with an amazing gaming machine if you are not aware of that.
Well, you might not be fascinated with its Intel Pentium M processor with a speed of 1.7GHz, because a lot of people are now going for the Intel Core Duo processors.
But i can guarantee you this processor will perform beyond your expectation. Another controversial feature i have to defend is its RAM and hard drive which is 512MB and 60GB respectively.
Students will feel comfortable using this laptop computer for watching DVD, playing games, and surfing the internet. It might not be enough for a business profession who has a lot of programs to run.
I once had a friend who was a Forex trader, with accounts of different trading platforms. When i checked his system configuration, his hard drive was 200GB, and yelled. He told be it had to be so, if he doesn't want his system crashing on tades and Forex markets platforms.
Well, i agreed with him anyway, but if you don't need to do all that, this size is enough for you.

Other features that captivated me are its quality speakers, good DVD drive, Windows XP operating system, and many other multimedia features.

But you might be disappointed with the battery life of this F10 laptop notebook. It is not so much for about 3.5 hours, so if you mean to use this F10 laptop computer on the road, you might have to carry an extra laptop battery.
But overall, this is a great laptop.

HP Pavilion DV9233EU

The HP Pavilion DV9233EU laptop notebook is one of a kind. How did i fall in love with this DV9233EU notebook computer?
I was in a laptop notebook store, and there was this notebook computer displayed on a hig table, with many people gathered around it. I suspected it was just being reviewed or released.
So i also went there to see what's happening, and i discovered that the HP Pavilion DV9233EU laptop notebook is what many people were looking at.
Well, i took my turn also, and after seeing all the features of the DV9233EU laptop notebook, i just couldn't pick any other one then this on.
Some of the features that thrilled me were its touchpad input device, then its hard drive of 120GB, and also its many memory card slot. The memory card slots includes the Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick, SD/MMC card, xD-picture Card. These might notsound useful to everyone, but i know its value and i appreciate it.

Some other comments made by people in that gathering are:

- Well, i don't like the design so well, but its features such as the operating system of Windows Vista Home Premium was ok. I also loved the fact that it came with a lot of softwares that will make you enjoy your notebook computer. Some of these software are Roxia My DVD Basic, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Works 8.5, PH Photosmart Essential, and Roxia Creator Basic.
A lot of people will wonder what to do with all these softwares, but for a programmer, or a business profession, you will see how important it is for these features.

- This is just like my former notebook computer, but it is a Gateway... I have used this HP Pavilion DV9233EU for 1 year, and it is still functioning to my taste.
I really love the part where i can rewrite DVDs. I once watched a DVD, and ther was something i needed to extract for my dance group. With the DVD rewriter i was able to settle it without having any problems.

- At first, i had some problems with my processor and hard drive. it was working really slow, so i reformatted my hard drive, and then my speed came.
Now i am able to send and receive data at a very fast speed. All these are what the HP Pavilion DV9233EU laptop have offered me.

You might also have certain reservations for this DV9233EU laptop, please feel free to write in a forum, or discuss it with processionals.

HP Pavilion DV2317US

I took me a long time for me to start liking the HP Pavilion DV2317US laptop computer. This is because i knew that the HP Pavilion DV2317US laptop notebook is not built to last long.
A friend of mine got this DV2317US laptop notebook, and after 8 months, it was like a wretch. It was broken, and i looks like if it was exploded by a bomb.
It didn't appeal to me, but after a while, i saw many other nice looking and stylish laptop notebook, and this made me change my mind about the HP Pavilion DV2317US.
Well, since i started using it, it hasn't be broken as if it were exploded by a bomb, but i hopw it doesn't break. It is quite smart and handy, and it gives me the needed company i desire.

I will love you to share with the minds of those that have used this laptop computer, andsee what they have to share with you.

- This DV2317US laptop notebook is fucked up man...
I bought it and it fell twice, and that was it. it was totally destroyed. When had it repaired, i looked at it,and it was as if it was throw into fire.
I really hate that laptop. It is not strong, and it is all messed up.

- My HP Pavilion DV2317US laptop computer is functioning well so far, after i received many criticisms about it. At first, i felt it was going to get bad quickly, but i have used it for more than a year,and it is still working well enough.
Some of the things i love is its Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 processor, which enables me get my job done in no time. I also admired its graphics card of Intel GMA 950. Amazing, i like its 14.1-inch screen display.
I personally do not like large screens, so this is perfect for me.

- I discovered that if you use this DV2317US laptop computer vigorously, it will end up a wretch in a few months. Mine was turned into a fucking wretch in 8 months, but i know i didn't use it well. My friends also contributed to using it badly. But i have made up my that my laptop will be treated with a lot of respect.
Well, about the laptop, i love its gaming capability, though not the best, but it was ok. Again, i love the LightScribe SuperMulti DVD Burner, which my friends and i use in burning DVDs and CDs, and i guess that was why they damaged my nice laptop.
And i must also mention that it had a large hard drive capacity of 160GB, and a RAM of 1GB. This is not bad at all, and they all contibuted to why i love this laptop.

Crystalview screen

Having a laptop notebook that uses a crystalview screen is very important, because it provides you with a perfect screen clarity that is uncomparable.
Examples of laptop notebooks offering you a crystalview screen are usually the Fujitsu laptop computers, and that is one way to you, don't rule out a laptop computer because you don't like it, let its features be appreciated.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo PI 1536
This is one very good laptop with a crystalview screen display. This laptop computer combines screen clarity with a perfect working system, hardware, and other features.
I will briefly mention a few, so that you can be convinced.
This laptop notebook uses Intel Core Duo T2300e processor. Amazingly distinct. Afterall, how many people are using this laptop. It also have a perfect hardware syste, like i early said, which includes its 100 GB hard drive and 1024 MB DDRII-533MHz SDRAM. So i guess you've got all the space you need.
Also consider the 15.4" WXGA Widescreen TFT Screen with CrystalView Technology, making you enjoy every sight directed to your laptop pc.
Those are the main features of the laptop, but you can also be aware of its wireless network systems of 802.11a/b/g LAN, and an integrated 4-in-1 memory card reader.
All these are enough for you stick with this laptop computer, so please i imploy you to stick to it.

Fujitsu LifeBook S7110 Notebook
I usually don't get carried away with certain features of a laptop, such as speakers effect, weight and others.
But i was a little bit impressed with this.
It has a weight of 4.5 lbs, and its speakers are cool. They produce sounds that will make a DJ come to your house for a party.
Consider its processor- the Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz. i just feel satisfied whenever i see a laptop with this processor type, because i know it will function to its fullest.
But disappointingly, you won't believe that this laptop has a 40 GB hard drive. Maybe they made it for kids, because i can't figure out what can be stored in this HDD size.
But its RAM is ok for 512MB.
Also combining the effects of the 14.1" CrystalView XGA LCD with a resolution of 1024 x 768, you are on top of the world.
With its battery life of 5.75 hours, the only thing you can do with this laptop notebook is watch and play DVD, and surf the internet, because of its small hard drive capacity.
Anyway, this laptop notebook is not that half bad.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G

If you need a computer laptop with a brilliantview, then you should be considering one of the following. But before i list them, you should be aware that this brilliantview effect gives you the opportunity of perfectly enjoying every image you see on your display screen.
The reason for this brilliantview is powered by nVidia GeForce 6800 256MB graphics card, so you should always look out for a laptop computer that has one of the best graphics card.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G 17" laptop notebook
Although this laptop computer is not so fully packed like some other products, but you will certainly enjoy its screen display.
This Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G 17" computer laptop has an Intel Pentium M 740 processor. This is a remarkable feature that is well respected among laptop manufacturers.
With its 512 MB RAM, and 80 GB hard drive, you are provided with a space to keep you on for as long as you wish, without deleting any files.
The most important part i love about this computer laptop is its amazing 17" BrilliantView display. This is really amazing for those who have hard an opportunity to use this computer laptop.
You can see very clearly from a distance, without any blurred vision.
Other interesting features i love are the built-in 802.11 b/g WiFi, modem and LAN, and its 4-in-1 memory card reader. Bear in mind that it uses Windows XP Home as its operating system for XP lovers.
I don't like XP so much, but it is ok also.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro Li1705 laptop notebook
This laptop is just the same as the one above. It simply has the same RAM size, and hard disk drive capacity. But there are no laptops that are exactly the same. They differ by one thing or the other.
The main difference in this Amilo Pro Li1705 laptop notebook compared to the Fujitsu Amilo M3438G is the screen size, processor type, wireless LAN connection and a few others.
The screen size for the Amilo Pro Li1705 laptop notebook is 15.4-inch which is admirable. Although, i love large screens, but i stil appreciate the smaller ones.
Its processor is the Intel Celeron M440 Processor 1.73GHz, which is different from the Amilo M3438G.
But the similarities are more. Hard drive and memory are the same. They also offer a brilliantview technology enabling users to view their display screen comfortable without eye straining. Other features exists as the same.

Acer Aspire 2000

You might want to consider having one of these Acer Aspire laptop series. The Acer Aspire 2000 laptop computer have a wonderful and beautiful design, with a wide-screen display.
You will also notice that it has a good battery life if you have used the Acer Aspire 2000 laptop computer. Again, there are also many multimedia features such as playing Arcade software without windows booting.
But i don't like the Acer Aspire 2000 laptop notebook because its keyboard layout is uncomfortable, with also stiff touchpad buttons. These things actually pisses me off. Again, there is no remote for Arcade software.
But unfortunately, all these things will not make me turn my back on this laptop notebook.
Well, the bottom line is that the Acer Aspire 2000 laptop notebook is very stylish, and fast. It also has many multimedia feature, and this laptop computer will last long.

I can also show you some of its features that will amke you stick forever to this laptop notebook.
It has a Windows XP Home operating system. I personally love that, because i have been using it for a long time and i think i am used to it.
You will also enjoy its processor speed of about 1.6GHz, RAM size of 512MB, and a hard disk drive of 60GB.
Trust me for those who are like me, you will rush for this laptop. But there are actually so many laptop computers that have better storage capacity, but they actually cost much more. Well, it also didn't miss out in the wireless networking connections of 802.11a/g, and an amazing DVD+/-RW (Plus Minus).
All these features will not make you leave this laptop. It is like a glue sticking to you forever.

Acer Aspire 5000 is also not left behind in many features also. It uses an AMD Turion 64 processor just as the Aspire 2000. With all thes multimedia features, i bet you don't want to turn your back on this laptop.
It also has a great DVD±RW drive which is amazing.
The Aspire 5000 uses a 512MB RAM, and a 60GB HDD just as the Aspire 2000.
Well, this laptop is not very expensive for a price of $1,100. Some may consider it expensive but, i don't.
It has a wireless network connections, with a Bluetooth feature that gives you an unlimited internet connection anywhere you find yourself.

The one thing i don't like about this laptop is the absence of a FireWire port. I also doesn't like its gaming performance. It is really bad, but i don't mind, in as much as i can get my stuffs working.
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