Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gateway MX6650 notebook

You might be surprise about this Gateway MX6650 laptop notebook. The functions of the Gateway MX6650 laptop are really amazing, and it provides you with whatever service you need.
Should i begin with its hardware or its multimedia features?
Alright, i will be telling you about the multimedia features of this Gateway MX6650. Sit back and hang on...

The CD/DVD type for the Gateway MX6650 laptop notebook is a dual layer type. It is also a DVD/RW so for rewriters, you finally got what you need.
It optical drive read speed is 24x for the CD and 8x for the DVD, while the write speed for the optical drive is 24x for the CD, 8x for the DVD+R, 8x for the DVD-R, and 2.4x for the DVD+R DL.
The rewrite speed for the optical drive is 10x for the CD-RW, 4x for the DVD+RW, and 4x for the DVD-RW.
All these details are simply to prove to you DVD lovers that this is not a laptop for joke, it is a laptop that is perfect for you.
The Gateway MX6650 laptop notebook has a display size of 15.4-inch WXGA TFT Active Matrix, with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. I am sure you know what that mean, for a screen with that resolution. That is really amazing, and you will love it.
The next one i will be telling you about is the graphics chipset. I am very happy to tell you that it uses the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 chipset.
If you have heard about this graphics procesor, you will understand what i mean. it can access various types of gaming applications, and display its graphics perfectly for your viewing.
Other multimedia features you will also want to know about is its headphone output, if you are the type that loves listening to sounds on your own.
It also has a sound card, and wonderful speakers, with also a microphone input. You actually can't beat the reach.

I think we have had enough of multimedia, let's now move to hardware effects. This is the part i love. I realy love the part the you can have all the features you desire in one laptop notebook, isn't that amazing?

The Gateway MX6650 uses an Intel Pentium M processor with a speed of 1.86 GHz.
This is what i call the fast race car. With this speed and processor of the MX6650, you are unstoppable, and nothing can outrun how fast you will be.
Also take a look at the RAM size of 1GB, and hard drive of 100 GB. Those also sound good, and i guess you have all the space you need.

Gateway MT6707 laptop

The Gateway MT6707 is not a laptop notebook that can be used under so much pressure. This laptop notebook is very simple and should be used with care. I can never compare the use of the Gateway MT6707 with that of a Toshiba, or Asus. Those laptop notebooks are built with strength and firmness.

Gateway MT6707

But i love my fragile, slim, and cool laptop. Whenever i remember that i has bee on all day, i give it some rest also from the hard day's work. That is how i treat my Gateway MT6707 laptop notebook.

Gateway MT6707 full pack

There are many features of this laptop computer that are available on other laptops, but i can't really say why i went for this, but i guess i followed my mind, and that happy thing is, my mind hasn't let me down.


My laptop computer has been functioning well. I am sorry for boring you with my stories, i should rather tell you the things you should look out for on your laptop when you purchase it. First, the MT6707 uses a Pentium Dual Core T2060 1.6 GHz processor, which i consider moderate for someone who is not in Bill Gates status.
You don't need an expensive machine to be Bill Gates though, but get something simple, and use it well.

Gateway MT6707 laptop

Also look out for its chipset type. Mine uses the Mobile Intel 943GML Express and with this i can view things perfectly. I have worked on colored works before, and it is not a bad chipset though for that cost. Also take a look at the RAM configuration which is 2 x 1 GB, and a hard disk drive of 160GB. With this space, you can store up files for years with needing a space.

Gateway MT6707 left-right views

All these are the first things i look out for in a laptop computer. Second group of things are the multimedia features such as sounds, video display, DVD drive, CD/DVD speed, memory card reader and others. I usually take my time to go through them, afterall, i will be the one to live with it after purchasing it.

AC Power Gateway MT6707

The Gateway MT6707 laptop computer has a 4-in-1 memory card, which is perfect. It also includes a 15.4-inch TFT active matrix display, which is a bit smaller than what i love, but i love it, and i am loving it. You should also be aware of its input device which is the keyboard, and the touchpad. These are so amazing, why should you go for this laptop after all i have told you...

Gateway MT6707 keyboard

The MT6707 has a very good wireless network support, if that is what you want it for. The MT6707 network connections are the Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, and the Fast Ethernet. All these are to provide you with a connection that is basic and standard.

Apple MacBook laptop

The MacBook is not a laptop notebook, i can call it a super machine. It has practically everything you want, and a speed that you can never imagine. Today the Apple MacBook laptop is one of the best laptops you can ever talk about. There are many things about this laptop notebook.

Apple MacBook Air laptop

Fisrt, the design is such that it is simple, sleek, and compact. It doesn't have to be big, it only needs to be unique. The Apple MacBook laptop comes in diferent sizes, and speed depending on which one you love. With the Apple MacBook, you get the best processor ever made by Intel, which is the Core 2 Duo. This processor is the reigning speed machine in our world today. Others are far behind it. It has a remote control that gives you an extended freedom to use your laptop notebook from anywhere. You may be sitting on the couch, and controlling a number of stuffs on your Apple MacBook.

Apple Macbook AIR

Again you also get an illuminated keyboard, in case you need some light to work in a dark place. Other additional features includes a built-in webcam, a DVD burner, and the Mac OS X operating system. There are some bad things about the laptop notebook though, but they are not too bad to be called the best laptop.

Apple MacBook laptop

This laptop doesn't have a media card reader, which i consider fairly bad. It also lacks some ports which could be needed, and you only get the laptop for an expensive cost. How can a laptop cost that much? But you know you get all the features you so desire.

new apple macbook

Well, the end result is, the Apple MacBook is a laptop for everyone who can afford it. Many business professional have loved it, students, and home users alike prefer to be identified with the laptop. It is very portable, and it offers you all you need to keep your work or fun going.

A few comments about the Apple MacBook will add to your convinction.

- I was opportuned to se this laptop with my friend's dad, and i was a white Apple laptop. I really fell in love with it, and since i bought mine 2 months after i saw it, it has been great. It is really admirable and beautiful, and i am proud of it.

- Aside its beauty, i love its performance anyday, anytime. I offers uncompromised performance. It is strong, and rich in featuresand many other things about. I just can't explain...

Apple MacBook Pro PowerBook

There are so many things you need to know about the Apple MacBook Pro. But first, i should let you know that if you are looking for a laptop computer that combines speed, with performace and reliability, then you should be considering the MacBook Pro. An outline of the things you must know about the Apple MacBook Pro includes:

the Apple MacBook Pro

1. The processor which is an Intel Core 2 Duo is the fastest you can ever imagine. Formally, Apple laptop computers uses the PowerPC processors, and after they moved ahead, they onverted to Intel. With this conversion, you can get speed, performance, and outstanding results from this laptop computer. One the outside, you might think that the MacBook Pro is just a simple usual laptop computer, but you will be surprised what it can accomplish within seconds.

Apple MacBook Pro PowerBook

2. A lot of people might be asking you (if you use the Apple MacBook Pro) questions like, what's new about this laptop. This is the answer to that question.
Every single thing about this laptop is different and new. It uses a processor system bus of 667MHz compared to the 167MHz of the PowerBook. This is like 4 times its speed. Also, the latest PCI Express-based graphics Technology provides you with an 8GBps total bandwidth, which is far above what you are provided with in the AGP graphics system of the PowerBook. Also, the RAM runs like 4 times faster. So you see, everything is really is new and different about this laptop.

MacBook Pro

3. Eventhough, the Apple MacBook Pro outruns the PowerBook, you will also discover that certin features of the PowerBook are standard and that cannot be beaten.
The optical drive of the PowerBook is 2 times faster, and the MacBook doesn't burn DVD discs of Dual layer. But Apple will always find a way to outperform this PoerBook still.

Apple MacBook Pro blue

4. You will be disappointed that the Apple MacBook pro doesn't have a modem, what an insult? This is really bad in the aspect of the Apple MacBook pro, because a lot of people have believed that this laptop is everything you will desire. It virtually has everything you want, but there are few disappointments here and there.

PowerBook Apple MacBook

5. The display of the MacBook is very much improved. It supercedes the display of other Apple models, and this is simply because Apple has dedicated itself to providing you with everything that you want.

Apple MacBook Pro 2007

One of the best Apple models to have and look out for is the MacBook Pro 2007 Edition.
This Apple laptop notebook is enriched with lots and lots of features that offers you a maximal use of your laptop notebook.
You can be rest assure that whenever you purchase this laptop notebook, it begins working, and it never stops working.
There are many characteristics that made this laptop computer the best in town.
Some of the features are its processor type. The MacBook Pro 2007 Edition uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with a processing speed of 2.4GHz. This speed is very amazing.
In this MacBook Pro 2007 laptop notebook, you have the opportunity of having one of the very best graphics card, which in turn will give you a good gaming experience, and a good video/image view.

If you are interested in Wireless internet connection, you have it at your reach. With this you can stay connected to the world, receive emails, check informations, and so on.
All these are just a few of what the Apple MacBook Pro provides.

At times, using this laptop computer outside my house gives me a lot of fun, because it has a long and extended battery life. For mobile business professionals, you can rely on this laptop computer anytime, anywhere.
Again, its 15-inch screen size is also amazing, displaying images and stuffs that make you screen. It has a very good screen resolution, and it is suitable for those who have blurred vision and sight.

But you may be disappointed at the way things go sometimes. Imagine this laptop, after having all it takes to provide you with a good performance on all you need it for, you still find out that it lacks certain things, such as a media card reader. Well, i don't see this as bad totally.

The comments of this laptop computer users have been splendid, because they have used it, and it is still functioning for them.
But disappointingly, this laptop is not affordable by all. It comes in a very expensive package, which makes only the rich business professional, and rich individuals have it.
I hope something can be done about its cost, but actually it is worth the price.
Anyway, i only have a few words for you...go and purchase you own Apple MacBook Pro 2007 while stock lasts...
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