Monday, April 21, 2008

Laptop hard drive

Your laptop hard drive is as important as your laptop computer. So if you have laptop without a harddrive, it is practically impossible to use it. There are different capacities of laptop hard drive, and the capacity of the laptop hard drive depends on the model, how old, and its capabilities.

So if you purchase an old-modelled laptop, expected to hard drive to be around 6GB or 20GB. This laptop hard drive is very small.

laptop hard drive

The larger laptop hard drive i have ever seen is the 750GB capacity.
The Seagate/Barracuda 7200.10/750GB/7200/16MB/ATA-100/EIDE/OEM/Hard Drive. The Seagate 750GB size. This laptop hard drive has a speed spin of 7200. I am imagining what programs i need to run on my laptop to fill up the hard drive.

The Barracuda is the only reliable and largest hard drive you can find. If a business professional has this hard drive size, he can never fill it up with files and everything put together. The hard drive has the capability to hold:
- 318 two-hour DVD movies,
- 1000 hours of VHS video,
- 660 days 24 hours MP3 audio,
- 276,500 digital photos,
- 1600 action-filled games.

This single hard drive increases its capacity if data is store vertically, instead of horizontally. Storing data vertically increases the density and more gigabytes per platter.
This is really amazing!
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