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Laptop carrying case

Laptop carrying case is slightly different from a laptop bag, laptop sleeve, and backpack. A laptop carrying case as the name implies is used for carrying your laptop in a convenient and comfortable manner, reducing stress, and increasing comfortability. There are so many laptop carrying case designers, having different designs and varying prices.

Some examples of laptop carrying cases includes:

Vaio Urban messenger bag

Vgp-aml2 Vaio Urban messenger bag - This bag is sole designed for Sony Vaio laptops that have 15.4" screen size. This carrying case obviously makes it easy for lifting and carrying your laptop anywhere. It also has varying prices as from $70 to $110. They come in different designs. It is made with a classic grained leather which makes it perfect for students, or mobile business professionals to use, providing them with a casual look, but standard bag.

This case provides spaces for additional stuffs such as documents and files, mobile phones, iPods, business cards, and others. It also has shoulder straps that can be adjusted for comfortability.

Another example is the Kensington Contour Pro 17 - This laptop carrying case is quite cheap for a price of between $50 to $100. This bag also offer similar features as the Vgp-am12 Vaio Urban messenger bag.

But this laptop case can only perfectly fit a 17-inch screen laptop. A smaller laptop will not fit, and it can damage some internal components of the laptop. It gives an outstanding comfortability whenever it is used, and also keeping your laptop notebook in a safe place where there are no worries.

Select your carrying case size, and design that suits you.

Laptop car mount

You can turn your car into an office by using a laptop car mount. Imagine yourself sitting at the back of your van or truck with laptop notebook and other equipments fixed in an office-like position working, but you know what, this is made possible by a laptop car mount.

Laptop car mount

Laptop car mounts are made from a steel base providing you with comfort and a secure platform in order to be able to use your laptop in your vehicle. The interesting thing is that, you don't need to drill your car while installing the car mount. This car mount is more useful for businessmen who travel a lot, but also love to keep track of their business from their vehicle.
These car mounts are veru compactible with cars, vans, trucks.

Before a car mount is fixed, the vehicle will be examined first and then the expert knows where he is going to fix the bolts, and straps. They are mostly rubber ball and socket design fixes, so that they don't need to drill or perforate your vehicle. Car mounts also make users to be comfortable so that they don't have overheated laps, or stiff neck as a result of placing the laptop on their laps, and bending your neck for a long time.

You have to take note that you can only use your laptop notebook when your ignition is off, and your vehicle parked, as this is precautionary.

Laptop notebook battery

I hope you know that without a laptop battery, you do not have laptop notebook. Having a good laptop battery now is the key to enjoying your laptop functionability. Imagine having a laptop battery that last for 1 hour, how sad that is. But if you have a battery that can carry you for for than 5 hours, that actually sounds great. You are on the go, using your laptop outside your home, for business purposes, and other fun trips.

Laptop notebook battery

Now the big question is how long does your laptop battery last?

This question is really a million dollar question. Your laptop battery charge depends on the laptop type, and laptop model. There are some models that can run at a 7 hours stretch, without needing charge. There are although some factors that affects the time charge of your laptop battery. Such factors are screen size, hard drives, DVD drives, wireless network, processor type, and programs running on your laptop.

All these factors determine how active your system is, and the more active it is, the faster your battery runs down. Imagine someone playing a DVD movie, and other person using a Microsoft office tool, the DVD movie is more active, and thereby runs down your laptop battery faster.

Laptop notebook uses battery types like nickel-cadmium, lithium battery, or nickel metal hydride batteries. Today the Lithium batteries are the best in the market, and nickel batteries are no where to be found anymore.

A normal battery charge should hold for at least 3 hours, but it varies depending on the laptop use.

Laptop battery charger

A laptop battery charger simply helps to keep your laptop battery alive. So if you have a laptop notebook without a laptop battery charger, i wonder how you are going to use it. Simply get a laptop battery charger and keep your laptop notebook in shape all day long

There are various laptop battery chargers and examples are:
Gateway (1533789) Battery Charger, AC Adapter for M275, M405. Its specifications are 90 Watt, AC adapter of 19 Volt, 5.5 mm Barrel Connector with inner positive.

Laptop Sony battery charger

Sony (VGP-BC1) Battery Charger for VAIO FS, S Series.
Its specifications are: Width - 9.5 inches, and it is a laptop battery type. It also has a height of 1.5 inches, and a depth of 2.2 inches.

Toshiba Battery Charger AC Adapter

Toshiba Battery Charger AC Adapter for 1415 & 2415 Series PA2488U.
This PA2488U laptop battery charger is ideal for a Toshiba. Its specifications are: 60 Watt, 15 Volt AC Adapter, 6.3 mm Barrel Connector with Positive inside. It also comes in a new condition. Most of all these battery have a 1 year warranty.

I am certain that you don't need to be worried about how to put your laptop notebook working all day. All that matters is that you connect your charger to your laptop and the power outlet, then you are on the move, giving you a head start with your laptop use.

Laptop bag

There are differnet laptop bag that can be used to carry laptop computer. These laptop bas come in different sizes, designs, quality, and leather. An wxample of these laptop bagis the Targus XL notebook backpac which is an ideal carrier for a big laptop user. These laptop bag is very big, and you actually need a big laptop before you can buy this laptop bag.

Targus XL notebook backpac
Targus XL notebook backpac

Some of the designs are these: The laptop bag has a big separate, and cushioned compartment that will fit a 17-inch screen size laptop, and it also has other compartments that can take papers, and other laptop accessories.

Built in front of this laptop bag is a pocket that is meant for an MP3 player, which has openings for earphone, with also a compartment for PDA/pocket phone, and also for business cards. You probably have everything you need in this laptop bag.

Interestingly, this laptop bag, and majority of quality laptop bags are made with a water repelling material, which ensures that your laptop notebook is protected from rain, or other water-harsh conditions. It also a waist strap, moulded handle, additional back cushions and a sturdy nickel fittings whichs gives your laptop notebok an additional protection whenever you are carrying it.

This laptop bag is just very comfortable for your easy carriage. Another example of such laptop bags is the Samsonite Quad Backpack which is also a laptop bag that gives comfort and durability, and also provides a stylish look for a modern laptop user.

laptop bag

This laptop bag also has many features like the other one, so in short they come in designs that are useful for other mobile gadgets, such as iPod, MP3, phones, etc.
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