Monday, April 18, 2011

Hp Pavilion ZT1170

Hp Pavilion laptop computer are very strong laptop, although they have their own weak points too. A typical example of the Hp Pavilion laptop is the ZT1170 laptop which is a great laptop, but i wish the build quality was better than it is now.

Hp Pavilion ZT1170Hp Pavilion ZT1170

I have managed my HP Pavilion ZT1170 for about 4 years, after buying it in December of 2003. Ever since i bought it, i have been having the same problem which: First, after i used it for 3 months, the display went black, and i thought it was the inverter that got bad. Second, i had shutting down problems. All of a sudden, it will shut down, and reboot unexpectedly. But before these problems surfaced, i had a nice time with my laptop.

I puchased my Hp Pavilion laptop, the ZT1170 about 3 years ago, and after 4 months the display went out, and i had overheating probles because the cooling fan was damage. I finally replaced the cooling fan, but i couldn't replace the overheating problem. It persisted and this severally cause system shut down unexpectedly. I also had a hard drive problem soon after my warranty expired, and it became a terrible experience altogether. After all these i decided i will never recommend this laptop to anyone.

All these are complains given by Hp Pavilion laptop users, which are very true, but on the average, this laptop is not half-bad.

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